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Monday, May 22, 2006

Man does not live on bread alone...

I realised today with some shock that it's well over a month since I last blogged anything. It's been quite a busy time, with moving to my new flat and then going away to visit my parents last week, but things are now beginning to settle down a bit.

Today I became the proud possessor of a new bread machine - something I've wanted to do for several years but had to put off while I was still sharing a kitchen. At the moment it's working away at my first loaf of bread - I've gone for a plain white loaf this time, but hope to get more creative soon.

I also got a steamer so that I can cook vegetables in a more healthy way. This is just one of those little metal basket contraptions that sits inside an ordinary saucepan, but it's perfectly adequate for my current needs. Tonight I had steamed cabbage, carrots and onion for dinner, together with boiled potatoes (mainly because I couldn't fit them in the steamer too) and a tin of fish. I was particularly pleased with the steamed onion. Very tasty.

Not much to report by way of knitting. I'm nearing the end of my first sock - about an inch to go before I have to start work on the toe. At this rate the first pair should just about be ready to go by the time it gets cold enough to merit woolen socks again. I've just borrowed some knitting patterns from my mum, including several for Aran jumpers/cardigans. I'd like to have a go at knitting one of those soon too.

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Good luck with the bread! Mr CraftyBernie wanted a breadmaker but i refused: a loaf tin in the oven is the way to go I say. However, I would be interested on hearing what bread maker you're using and how it turned out. Regards.
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