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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Techno makes me ratty

In case you're wondering about the Tags thing that's mysteriously appeared at the bottom of my last post, it's because I've recently discovered the joys of Technorati. As far as I can make out at the moment, it's essentially a system for live searching of blogs across the web. In particular, it enables you to set keywords for your blog entries so that people can do keyword searches on blogspace.

Along with blogging itself, and other things like wikis (such as the venerable Wikipedia and photosharing via Flickr (and doubtless other similar sites, but that's the one I use - under the name of magnuscanis), this is part of the current generation of web technology, sometimes dubbed Web 2.0, that is replacing the more passive web browsing experiences of the previous generation. The main hallmarks of this stuff seem to be interactivity (allowing people to publicly comment on, if not change, the content of webpages), searchability (largely via tags) and a reliance on XML as the main underpinning technology.

All very interesting stuff.

And, in case you're wondering, my first sock is now about 2.5" long!

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