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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The sock of 1000 feet begins with a single stitch

I've finally started my first sock!

I wrote about it here with details of the yarn, needles and number of stitches, but I don't think I mentioned that the calf part of the sock will be in 2x2 rib all the way down. I'll then turn the heel using Elizabeth Zimmermann's conventional heel and continue to do 2x2 rib down the top while using stocking stitch for the bottom. I'm planning to use the same yarn throughout on this pair. Doubtless I'll try out some different ideas for later socks. I'm already thinking along the lines of one using stocking stitch for most of the body and confining ribbing to the very top, one (possibly the same one) with stripes (probably horizontal ones), one with contrasting colours for toe and heel (and probably the top ribbed band), and perhaps a cabled one. Obviously I mean one pair each time, although it is alarming how many of my pairs of socks seem to end up as single socks.

Anyway, all that's in the future. I'm enjoying sock knitting perhaps the most out of all the knitting I've done so far (it's challenging enough to be interesting without being impossibly difficult, and provides a very practical and useful end product) and I'm sure it will form a large part of my knitting activity, but so far I've only got 1" of the first sock done!

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