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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Snow for St David

Happy St David's Day to you all (actually, that was technically yesterday but since I haven't yet been to bed it feels like today still)!

This morning it snowed, which is quite unusual for this area. It's one of those occasions when I'm even more than usually glad that I can walk to work and don't have to drive - although the hills are a bit treacherous on foot in the snow and ice it's nothing compared to trying to drive on them in the same conditions. I managed to get out into the garden briefly with my camera at lunchtime to take a few photos. Sadly there were no daffodils showing (I don't think they've come up yet) but here's one of a couple of snowdrops, which seems quite appropriate:

Of course, I dressed up appropriately to go out in the snow. That included wearing my walking boots and two pairs of knitted socks (unlike most modern walkers, I've continued to wear the old fashioned doubled socks). Neither pair were knitted by me as, in fact, I still haven't got round to casting on my first real sock (and I'm still procrastinating to avoid turning my test heel), but while I was putting them on I did reflect that a fringe benefit of learning to knit is that I can now tell at a glance when my socks are inside out (both pairs, like virtually all other knitted socks I've seen, have at least some parts in stocking stitch, which is clearly non-reversible).

While on the subject of knitting, I've had a fairly quiet few days in this respect, mainly as I've been too busy with other stuff to do more than a few rows of my ribbed scarf. Tonight, though, I finally got round to casting on the 68 stitches required for the front panel of my new bag project. I've spent the last few days pondering whether to do this or my Tam o'Shanter first, as both will want to use the same yarn (a 400g ball of Wendy wool/acrylic (25%/75%) blend aran weight in dark blue and green). I decided that since I already have plenty of hats but am lacking more glamorous things than carrier bags to hold most of my knitting projects (I did (re)discover a cotton tote bag this morning that I picked up at a maths conference several years ago, and that now holds my ribbed scarf) I'd start with the bag project. That will also give me time to decide whether I want to do the whole hat in one colour or to try a more decorative version.
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