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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ribbed for my pleasure

I've finally finished another knitting project! As I suspected the first one of the current batch to get finished was the Ribbed for her pleasure scarf that I started just over a month ago. On finishing the fourth skein of yarn (bringing it up to 200g), the scarf measured 56" long, which is plenty. The width was about 4.5" wide. I say was because I've now had a go at blocking it (made difficult by the fact that I didn't have anywhere sufficiently large to lay it out flat, so it's currently drying, carefully folded, on my windowsill) and I suspect that the dimensions might change a little after that (I didn't measure carefully).

I was going to include a photo of me wearing the scarf, but the Blogger photo upload thing seems to be playing up at the moment. Instead here's a link to the same photo on Flickr. While you're there, you could have a look at some of my other photos too.

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