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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Of peppers and pipes

I had a go at making soup tonight for the first time since my home economics lessons at school about 17 years ago. I found an interesting looking recipe for carrot and chile soup in Spun Magazine, an "online stitch and bitch lifestyle magazine" I discovered while browsing for knitting websites. I made a few changes, principally omitting the celery and mayonnaise (which I didn't have in stock) and halving the quantity, but otherwise followed the recipe reasonably closely and was very pleased with the result.

I've spent most of the evening at a concert, sitting about 10 feet away from the wonderful Northumbrian smallpipe/fiddle player Kathryn Tickell who was giving the concert along with a Scottish harpist called Corrina Hewat. I've not previously heard of the latter (and she wasn't actually mentioned in the promotional material I saw, although they were definitely performing as a duo rather than as one star with a support musician), but she was great too. Afterwards there was a traditional music session in the bar, which I took my fiddle along to. Sadly neither Kathryn nor Corrina joined us for that, but it was fun nonetheless. The whole evening was really excellent apart from the point where I went to buy a CD, had Kathryn poised to sign it, and then discovered that I'd just used up the last cheque in my book (paying for the ticket which a friend had collected for me) and was onto my paying-in slips at the back. Not a great problem as I've been able to order a copy online anyway (for the same price), but I did feel ever so slightly silly, and of course it means I'll have an unsigned copy (not that I'm too worried about that, really).
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