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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Need to read

While tidying my room this afternoon (a rare occurence and not one I particularly enjoy, although it's nice to be able to move around unimpeded for a few days afterwards) it struck me that I've hardly read any books so far this year - at least not in the way of fiction. I've read (or am reading) a number of knitting books and other factual things.

Over the years I've observed that my reading tends to come and go in bursts. Sometimes I'll read avidly for several months and do hardly anything else with my leisure time, while other times I'll go for weeks or months and hardly touch a novel or short story collection. This time my low-reading phase corresponds fairly well with my new found knitting passion. While knitting goes very well with watching films, and even better with listening to music, I find it doesn't blend so well with reading, as I need hands to hold my book open as well as to knit.

At some point soon I want to reread The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings (and probably also The Hobbit while I'm at it), but I think I'm in the mood for some science fiction first. I'll probably start with the fourth book in Asimov's Foundation series (I forget the exact title, although I was looking at it earlier today). I've also got a novel by John Wyndham (one of my favourite authors) that I picked up from the library recently (it was on sale for 25p), and plenty of other books of all kinds waiting to be read.

The question is, do I start my book (whichever one I choose) before I've done a spot of work on one of my knitting projects (whichever one I choose), or leave it till afterwards, by which time it will probably be past bedtime. Life would be so much easier if it wasn't for stuff like sleep and work!

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Hey Magnus .... I recommend LOTR, I think it's such a fun trilogy. Welcome to the Tote-along!
Learn to read while walking along. Those little walks I take to work and back with a book in my hand make a big difference to the amount of reading I get done as it gives a chance to get into a book, which inspires me to make time to finish it off later.
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