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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I need a blogroll

I've been blogging for a while now, mostly on this (my original blog) but also on two other blogs, both accessible via links from the sidebar. These are both in different languages and are mostly to give me a chance at writing practice (or an excuse for free composition in the relevant languages). One is in Welsh, a language I've been learning and using for almost seven years now and in which I'm reasonably fluent (the fact that I live in a moderately Welsh-speaking area of Wales helps a lot). The other is in Spanish, which I actually started learning before Welsh (I first had a look at it at least 12 years ago) but have only been studying reasonably seriously for a fairly short while. In fact, that blog started out in Esperanto, but switched to Spanish when I decided to focus my language learning efforts there instead.

I've also recently joined a communal blog on the subject of creating tote bags. This blog, the Tote-along, is for people who like making bags in any style although my interest is essentially in knitted ones. I've so far made one small bag (which I've already blogged about at the Tote-along and on this blog) to hold my knitting accessories (tape measure, crochet hooks, pins etc.), I'm in the process of knitting another, larger bag to use for holding future knitting projects, and I have one or two more ideas for bags I'd like to knit when I've got another one or two of my current projects finished.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, my relatively new interest in blogging has also led me to start reading other people's blogs. There's a fairly small number that I check out regularly (mostly using Rojo - a web-based blog reader recommended to me by my brother). I think I should probably set up a blogroll at the side of my blog to list some of them. (Not tonight though, as I want to read a few more chapters of the Silmarillion before bed.)

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