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Sunday, March 12, 2006

How many projects?

I'm pondering the optimum number of knitting projects to take on at one time.

At the moment I have 4 on the needles and one more (a wedding present, so I'll need to get a move on as the big day is rapidly approaching) in planning. I've also got several more ideas for projects I'd like to start, but I'm inclined to finish at least one of my current projects first. On the one hand, having several projects means that I can switch between them for a bit of variation (e.g. my tote bag is quite long rows of stocking stitch, so it's very straightforward but not the most exciting thing to knit) to suit my mood or the available time (if I only have time for a quick burst I'll probably do a row or two of my ribbed scarf). On the other hand, having too many projects means that progress is slow at all of them.

I think it's probably good to have at least two contrasting projects at once - and I suspect that I'll usually have at least one sock on the go as well as something non socky. Probably having too many more than 4 or 5 would get too much at once, so I'll probably try to stick between those limits. For the moment, then, I'll aim to get one of my scarves finished before I start on something else. I want to have a go at a Tam o'Shanter soon, but I'll need to finish my tote bag first as it uses the same yarn (a 400g ball of aran weight acrylic/wool, which should be big enough for both projects). I also want to get the bag finished as soon as possible so that I can use it to hold my next project.

By the way, I've decided on the next few books I'm going to read. First up will be John Wyndham's Stowaway to Mars (one of his early novels (c. 1935) and probably originally published under a pseudonym). Then The Silmarillion by Tolkien, followed by Foundation's Edge by Isaac Asimov and after that The Hobbit. I'll probably then choose something a bit different before tackling The Lord of the Rings (for the third time - I've also read The Hobbit at least twice before, and The Silmarillion once, but they are all good enough books to sustain multiple readings). Of course, I may change my plans entirely, but that's the idea for now.

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