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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Fried chips?

This morning while I was at work, there was a momentary power cut which caused my desktop PC to reboot. I was working on my laptop at the time and I assume that it must have switched temporarily to battery power when the mains cut off. Unusually the desktop PC, which was running Windows XP, didn't complain too much about not being turned off properly, like it usually does.

However, on reaching home I discovered that my desktop PC here was also affected, despite being turned off at the time. Nothing happened when I hit the "on" switch. I've checked the physical connections and also tried swapping the PC and monitor cables to check that the fuse was ok (the monitor was getting power). The rest of my system seems to be fine - e.g. I'm able to connect my laptop up to my modem (otherwise I wouldn't be posting this just now) but the actual PC is unresponsive. I seem to recall that it did something similar one time a couple of years ago when there was another momentary power cut (I was actually using it at that time). On that occasion the PC seemed dead and, since it was very late at night, I went to bed instead of trying to fix it. When I tried it again in the morning it worked fine. Perhaps there's some kind of slow-resetting fuse inside? Anyway, I'm inclined to leave it for a few hours before I start to worry too much about it.

It's especially annoying as I have the afternoon off work (using up the last of this year's annual leave allowance) and was hoping to spend the time tweaking my new Ubuntu installation. I'll just have to read a book or something instead!

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