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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Celtic Cheese

Recently I've taken to browsing the "reduced to clear" items on the cheese counter in my local supermarket. That way I can get a variety of more interesting (and usually more expensive) cheeses at a lower price. What's more, they are usually nearing the optimum age for eating once they approach the sell-by date (the usual reason for clearance) so I don't have to either hold on to the cheese for days or weeks (nigh-on impossible for me) or eat it before its prime. As an added benefit, it makes cheese shopping more exciting, as I never know what (if anything) I'm going to come home with.

Last week I picked up a block of Cheshire - not particularly exciting, but good for cheese on toast (the Welsh national dish, apparently). Today was even better, as I got not one but two varieties of augmented cheddar. The first was (still is, as even I don't eat cheese that fast) called Harlech and is a Welsh cheddar flavoured with horseradish (described on the label as "hot", but I disagree with that assessment) and parsley. The other one is Scottish, and is called "Highland Honey and Herb cheddar". I'll leave you to figure out what that was flavoured with. :-)

I'm hoping they'll have some green cheese on offer again soon, as I haven't had any for a while.

BTW I haven't done quite so much knitting lately, but my sock and other projects are still coming along slowly. My first scarf is definitely proving its worth in the cold weather. I'll try to get some more pictures posted soon.

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