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Friday, February 03, 2006

Scarves R Us

Having successfully completed a scarf for my panda (see yesterday's post), I decided to try one for myself. My knitting book has several patterns for scarves, including one mostly in stockinette stitches, with rows of garter stitch for textural variation, imaginitively entitled a garter ridge scarf. I decided that this would be a good one to try first, as it would give me plenty of practice with both knitting and purling, but not require me to change stitches within a row (except to make a selvedge by knitting the edge stitches of the purl rows). It would also have the benefit of not requiring too much precision over the gauge. A quick trip down to my local sewing shop furnished me with two skeins of chunky acrylic yarn in an electric blue colour and a set of 6mm needles, which were the size recommended on the label. I'm hoping that will give me enough to get about 5' worth of scarf. I cast on 24 stitches, not wanting to make the thing too wide (mainly because I wanted to be able to get to a reasonable length quickly).
blue garter ridge scarf
The photo shows the scarf after the first few rows. I've now progressed to nearly 10", representing 4 repetitions of the 16 row pattern. It seems to be about 6 1/2" wide. At this rate, it will be a fair while before I get the thing finished - probably in time for summer! I have got several other projects on the go at the same time though, and I'm not in desperate need for a scarf as I have the one Jane knitted me - which I mentioned yesterday - and at least a couple of others. Nevertheless, I'm sure I'll probably make several more scarves fairly soon, as they are useful things to have and seem to offer plenty of scope for knitting creativity without being too difficult. Another simple scarf pattern I'm considering is a ribbed one (the pattern Ribbed for her pleasure from Debbie Stoller's book Stitch & Bitch - the second knitting book I bought and, like Knitting for Dummies, a lot better than the name might suggest). I'll probably finish the garter ridge scarf first though.
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