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Friday, February 17, 2006

The scarf must go on

I've just reached the end of the first ball of yarn in my ribbed for her pleasure scarf (the blue/white wool/cotton/mohair one). It's a fairly chunky yarn and they are only 50g skeins. I managed to get just over 13" out of the first one, and the scarf is about 5" wide, so the total surface area covered is roughly 65 square inches - or slightly more than one square inch per gram. That's on 6mm needles in 2x2 rib stitch. As the yarn was drawing to the end, I was able to measure it with my tape measure. There were 57" remaining, and when I'd knitted the next row it was down to 28", so a 5" row of 2x2 rib in this yarn evidently takes a staggering 29" of yarn! The most annoying thing is that the remaining length of yarn was just too short to do another row. Still, I have 10 more skeins of the stuff and at just over 1' per skein I should need slightly less than 5 to complete the scarf. I might then do a matching hat with some of the rest - perhaps there'll even be enough for gloves too (although I suspect this yarn is probably a bit on the thick side for gloves).
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