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Friday, February 10, 2006

Magnus and his amazing technicolour knitbag - part 2

My knitting accessories bag is now finished:

Having finished the knitting I put off sewing it up for several days but finally got round to it last night. This evening I sewed on the button and ironed the bag, the proceeded to fill it with the alarmingly large collection of accessories I've collected in the short time I've been knitting (including 2 crochet hooks, 1 pack of darning needles, a box of safety pins, a box of dressmaking pins, a row counter (I have two, but the other one's currently in use on my scarf project), a knitting needle gauge, a pair of scissors and a tape measure; to be fair, the last two were things I already had for other purposes). It's very exciting to have this project finished, and it is very useful for keeping my stuff together - and much nicer than the small plastic bag I was using - but I fear I'll have to make a bigger bag if I get any more accessories!

Another exciting knitting landmark today is that my scarf has now reached the grand length of 2' - almost halfway there. I've also discovered that knitting and listening to jazz make a great combination, as the knitting occupies my hands and eyes and leaves my ears and (for the most part) my brain free to enjoy the music.

Lest you thought that the homebrew aspect of this blog had been entirely supplanted by knitting, I'll mention that I mulled another lot of ale tonight. This time I didn't use rum and, since I didn't have my computer on and hadn't got round to printing out the recipe, I made a guess at the spices. I used (for one pint of slightly past-it wheat beer) a hefty pinch of cinnamon, a generous grating of nutmeg, about half a dozen cloves and a dollop of brown sugar. I didn't heat it up for too long this time (just as well, since I was drinking from a pewter tankard) and it turned out pretty well. I think I'll leave further work on my scarf until tomorrow just in case, as I think the mulled ale packs a reasonable punch, even without the addition of rum.
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