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Monday, February 06, 2006

Magnus and his amazing technicolour knitbag - part 1

Firstly, a progress report on my garter stitch scarf. It's now roughly 18" long after 6 times through the pattern, and looks something like this:

My other main project at the moment is a small bag to hold my knitting accessories (scissors, tape measure, crochet hooks etc.). This is a simple bag of my own devising, although it's fairly similar to a bag pattern I subsequently discovered in Knitting for Dummies. My design is for a bag about 5 x 7 inches with a small flap and no handles. The idea is to make a 7 x 12 (or so) rectangle in stockinette stitch, then fold over (parallel to the short side) and sew up the edges for 5 inches, leaving an overhang of about 2.5" at the open end to act as a flap. I'm using DK thickness multicoloured acrylic yarn on 3.75mm needles, and I started by casting on 36 stitches (using the 2-strand cast-on method). I've now reached what's going to be the flap and am intending to add a couple of refinements. The first is to be a horizontal buttonhole (worked by binding off 4 stitches in the middle of a row and then casting on (using the cable cast-on method) again in the next row. I'm ready to work that as soon as I pick up my needles again. The other thing is going to be a few rows of different texture to finish off the edge of the flap (starting a row or two after the buttonhole and proceeding for another 1/2" or so until I bind off finally). I considered using either reverse stockinette (i.e. knit/purl alternate rows, but the opposite way round from the rest of the pattern) or seed stitch (knit/purl alternate stitches), but I've decided to stick with my original plan of using garter stitch. It's partly intended for decorative purposes, but also to try and counteract the curling tendency of stockinette stitch. Anyway, here's how the bag looks at the moment:

I reckon I stand a good chance of getting the knitting finished this evening, and then I can get started on the fun of sewing it up and fixing the button.
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