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Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's not the length that counts...

I've now just finished the second skein on my ribbed scarf. Like the garter ridge scarf, this is chunky yarn, but it's in 50g skeins instead of 100g so I've actually used the same weight of yarn in both scarves. The garter ridge one, as I said yesterday (or in fact, in the wee hours of this morning) is 40" long and 7" wide, while the ribbed one now measures 27" x 5" The yarn is possibly a little thicker and denser (being wool, cotton and mohair instead of acrylic), and also the ribbed pattern stretches to at least 9" without straining, so it's effectively got a surface area of 240ish square inches compared to 280 sq. in. for the other scarf, i.e. there's not quite such a discrepancy as first appears.

With the garter ridge scarf, I intend to take it to more than 5', given that it will almost certainly stretch a fair bit in use. That should give me a reasonable amount of spare yarn which I'll probably use on a hat (I'm considering adapting the hot head design from Stitch 'n Bitch - a ribbed watch cap knitted flat on fairly big needles with chunky yarn - to use cold colours (blues and white) instead of warm ones (reds and yellows). For the ribbed scarf, I'll probably use up 4 skeins and see how it's looking then - it should be over 50" by that point. I may use a fifth skein on it, as I'll still have 6 skeins left to use for other projects (my eBay bid was for 10 skeins but the seller included an extra one in the package as it was another one she found of the same dye lot).

At the same time as the yarn for my scarf, and from the same seller, I got 10 skeins of yarn (no bonus ones this time, alas) to make socks with. It's an acrylic/nylon/wool blend DK yarn (Sirdar Country Style) in a rather interesting purple colour with multicoloured flecks in it. I've knitted up a quick test swatch in 2x2 rib on 4mm needles, to get some idea of gauge for my socks (although I probably should have knitted in the round to be more precise, and it looks pretty good to me. (I must get round to taking some more photos soon.) As soon as I can stir myself to do it, I'll cast 60 stitches onto my 4mm dpns and get cracking on the first sock. My test heel (which is on 5mm needles so that I could keep my 4mm dpns free for the real sock - 5mm ones are my only other size so far, although I've actually been using straight needles for the heel itself) is now ready to start turning - the bit which I've been dreading.

I'm off out tonight to Scottish Country Dancing (my regular Thursday night activity) but if it's not too late when I get back I might have a go at either the heel or the sock. Or I might just continue with one of my scarves. Or my left hand yarn tryout (which is actually European Pic style rather than Continental, according to Maggie Righetti's Knitting in Plain English). Or my coasters. Or the tote bag I mentioned the other day. Or the Tam o'Shanter while I'm in Scottish mood. Or any one of a number of other project ideas - so much to knit, so little time! Or maybe I'll just go to bed and read a good book (possibly even one not related to knitting!).
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