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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


As well as completing another 8 rows of my scarf, I've been working away at my tube on the double needles today. After completing nearly two inches in blue (I think I forgot to mention the colour yesterday), I had a go at swapping to white (the first other colour of the same type of yarn that came to hand - although to be fair, I only have those two and red anyway).

When I came back to my knitting after being out for the evening, I realised that my nascent tube was just about the right size for my mobile phone so, rather than being merely a test swatch with no practical application, I could turn it into a phone caddy. That's what I'm now intending to do with it. I had originally planned to switch to red after another inch or so, but have now decided to stick to blue and white stripes (or, blue with a white band round the middle) instead. I'm going to try decreasing the number of stitches and possibly grafting the end, much like I believe is usually done with socks. I'll leave the other end open. At the moment it looks something like this:

It's about an inch or so too short at the moment. I think I'll probably decrease a few stitches in the next row or two so that it begins to taper slightly, and then take it down quickly once I get past the end of the phone.

On reflection, I might offer this particular caddy to my housemate, who has a phone just like mine (purely by coincidence, or more accurately the fact that it was the cheapest model in the shop both when he lost his previous one and a bit later on when my old one died) and is a West Bromwich Albion fan (I think blue and white are his team colours - I take just about no interest in football). I'm already thinking of some possible refinements for the design - probably incorporating a buttoned flap - and think I'll probably knit the next one in the same variegated yarn I used for my knitting bag. I'd also like to make a few tin whistle cases at some point, but I've got to figure out how many whistles I want to store per case - i.e. should I make a thin one for a single whistle, or a bigger one to store several at once?
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