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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Continental knitting and all that jazz

I didn't get much knitting done yesterday as I had a gig. I was playing bass at a jazz café at church. It's the first time I've played jazz properly for about 7 years and I enjoyed it immensely. Unfortunately the drummer who was supposed to be joining us didn't turn up (he may have been delayed in Ireland, where he'd been at a wedding) so we played as a quartet consisting of trumpet, trombone, keyboards and bass. One of my highlights was the slow version of the Flintstones theme tune we did (my idea). Another was our rendition of Amazing Grace. I got to take a few solo slots, including one extended unaccompanied one when the rest of the band stopped to eat some toasties! I hope it will be a lot less than 7 more years before my next opportunity to play jazz.

Today I decided to have a go at the Continental style of knitting, i.e. holding the yarn in my left hand (I've previously been doing it English style, with yarn in the right hand). So far it feels a bit awkward, particularly for purling, but I think when I get used to it it will probably be a fair sight quicker, so I'll persevere. I'm intending to keep going with English style for the current projects I have on the go, as the change of yarn tension would probably be too obvious if I switched in mid-flow, but I'll probably have a go at my next project (a knitting bag) with the Continental style. I'll wait till I've had a bit more practice at the latter before deciding which is going to be my main style. I gather that it's useful to be able to do both when you're doing stuff like Fairisle knitting with 2 separate yarns at once, so it won't be a waste of effort, whichever one I opt for.
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