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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Block and stitch - but which first?

As predicted, I got the knitting part of my multicoloured knitting accessory bag project finished last night. I had a bit of hassle with the buttonhole (including having to rip out a row and a half of stitches and make a second attempt) and didn't manage to make it look as nice as the one I'd made earlier on a test swatch. Perhaps it was a difference in yarn tension caused by being part of a much bigger piece of work? Anyway, it seems to be reasonably ok in the end, and I might stitch round it to see if I can tidy it up a bit later on. The 5 or so rows of garter stitch to finish the flap seem to have worked very nicely.

It's now fully bound off and awaits stitching, but here I hit a quandary. One of my knitting books says you should always block your knitted pieces before stitching them up (so that you're stitching them in their final shape, presumably), while the other says that you might just as well sew them up first and then block later. For this simple project, at least, I'm inclined to go for the latter option. I'll probably block it before I attach the button, though, so that I can make sure that goes in the right place. I've already got a nice little wooden toggle button lined up ready to use.

More pictures will probably follow once I've got the project finished.
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