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Monday, January 02, 2006

Mulled Ale

While imbibing some mulled wine over Christmas this year (or rather, last year), I realised that I might be able to save the remains of my rather flat wheat beer by mulling it. I've never previously tried to mull beer, but I've always quite fancied giving it a try.

I had my first go at making mulled ale on December 30th, improvising from the basis of a few recipes I found online. I took a pint of beer, measured in my tankard, and placed it in a saucepan with a fairly generous dash of rum and liberal amounts of cloves (whole ones, slightly crushed with a pestle and mortar), ginger (powdered, and probably well past its sell by date) and nutmeg (freshly grated). This concoction was stirred while heating gently, my intention being to avoid boiling it. Unfortunately I got distracted talking to one of my housemates and did let it boil over briefly.

The result was not particularly outstanding, but it did improve the taste of the beer to make it at least palatable. Since I still have the best part of a gallon of the stuff, I'll probably mull the rest of it - doubtless trying out some different combinations of spicing. I've noticed that a number of recipes suggest adding some sugar, so I intend to give that a try next time.

By the way, happy new year!
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