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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

At long last

I've finally got round to bottling my cider/perry that I started back in about January. There was just one demijohn so I've put it into a variety of containers ranging from 2L down to half a pint. It shouldn't need too long to mature in the bottles as it's been maturing in the demijohn for several months. From the taste of it today I think this one's going to be very definitely in the scrumpy camp.

I also started my next batch of beer brewing - a John Bull 40pt Wheat Beer kit. I'd intended to get it brewed earlier so it was ready for the summer, but as it is it will probably be an early autumn brew (should be about ready by the start of September). As my fermentation bin is a bit smaller I made it up to 4.5 gallons (36 pints) instead of 5 (40). The original gravity is 1044 and even without digging out the formula I'm confident that should give a good strong beer.
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