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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Пиво и вино

I've decided that the level of my homebrewing activities isn't really enough to justify them having a dedicated blog all to themselves, so I'm going to broaden this out to cover my random musings on other things too.

Lately I've come across a particularly interesting website all about languages (or at least, interesting to a linguophile like me): UniLang. More language resources than you can shake a stick at. Since finding it I've been brushing off my Russian skills (the title of this blog entry, btw, is "beer and wine" in Russian, for the simple reason that I'm still celebrating having finally got my computer set up for keyboard switching, and I wanted to keep some link to the original subject of the blog) and started learning Esperanto to boot (mostly via the most excellent Lernu! website, which I discovered through UniLang).

BTW I tried another bottle of my homebrew red wine the other week and it definitely seems to be improving. Still, I think I'll probably concentrate my brewing efforts more on beer and cider.
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