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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Worth the wait?

I've now tried a few bottles of my 2004 vintage cider, which is progressing nicely. My friend Phil, who's something of a cider afficionado, is visiting this week so I expect we'll get through a fair chunk more of the stock in the next few days. I still haven't got round to bottling my "spider" (haven't got used to the name either - I think I'll just call it cider, as about 95% of the fruit was apple in any case). I'm sure it's not being harmed by staying in the demijohn, but now I've freed up a few of my cider bottles I really should bottle this lot soon.

I tried the first of my wine the other day too. The white is ok, about on a level with cheapish supermarket fare - i.e. quite gluggable but nothing to write home about. The red is not even quite as good as that, and seems to have a vaguely unpleasant aftertaste. I'm hoping that they might improve if I leave them a few months longer to mature. Given that decent wines are available in the supermarket for not much more than the cost of homebrewing, I think I'll probably stick (at least for the most part) to buying wine. Beer and (especially) cider is a different matter though, as it's quite possible to brew very decent stuff, easily the equal of most shop fare and a lot cheaper (and more interesting than a lot of it).
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