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Saturday, January 01, 2005


This morning I finally got round to bottling my white wine. It was actually ready several days before Christmas, but I was busy getting ready to go away, and then I was away. I've reused half a dozen assorted wine bottles which I had saved for the purpose (actually, one was a mead bottle) and the labelling is nothing more fancy than black biro on white address label bearing the legend "Chardonnay 1/1/05", but it should do the job. I'm planning to leave it to mature in the bottles until at least April (although it already tastes better than some cheap supermarket plonk I've had).

My red wine had stopped bubbling too, so I figured fermentation was probably finished (although the airlock hadn't balanced as I expected). Since it had been going for well over a month I didn't bother with a specific gravity reading but instead proceeded with the directions in the kit.

I had expected to have to rack the wine into a clean demijohn (as with the white) but it didn't say anything about that, so I decided not to - perhaps the oak chips will continue to work their magic? Today's task was simply to add the sachet of stabiliser (probably crushed Campden tablets or something similar) and then agitate the demijohn to let the gas escape. Apparently I have to keep agitating about 3 times a day for the next 3 or 4 days before adding the finings (in 2 stages) and leaving to clear for another 4 days or thereabouts. It should finally be ready to bottle either next Saturday or early the following week.

Watch this space for more information.
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