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Saturday, January 01, 2005


My housemate offered me a punnet of pears last night, which he had been given and didn't want. Not being a great fan of overripe pears myself, I decided to put them with the leftover apples from my 2004 vintage cider and make up a small batch of perry/cider. The recipe my Dad gave me was for cider, but I figured that perry is essentially the same stuff made with pears instead, so the recipe should work the same.

Stage one of this recipe consists of cutting up your fruit and sticking it in a vat of water for about 10 days for the juices to steep out. It's perhaps not quite as good as using a traditional cider press, but has the advantage of needing no technology beyond a knife and a dustbin (OK, so it's a plastic fermentation bin but it looks a bit like a dustbin :-)). I added just over a gallon of water (to allow for some evaporation/spillage) so I'm expecting to get about one demijohn of cider/perry (maybe I should call it "spider" or something?) this time round.

Apart from stirring it daily, and perhaps giving the fruit an occasional squeeze, there's not a lot to be done for the next 10 days or so.
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