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Sunday, January 02, 2005

The art of scrumpy

Amongst the many goodies Father Christmas brought me this year was a small bottle of Cornish scrumpy with the funky name of Legless but Smiling. I drank it last night and, although the 250ml I had wasn't enough to make me live up to the first half of the name, I enjoyed it very much. It certainly was scrumpy, absolutely flat with a slightly sour undertone.

I'm under the impression that the cider recipe I use is supposed to give scrumpy, but my first batch came out surprisingly sweet. In retrospect that could be because (I'm fairly sure) I primed the bottles with sugar, which isn't in the recipe - it only calls for 1lb/gallon when you first put it into demijohns. The trouble is I'd just been bottling beer a few days previously so I automatically added a spoonful or so to each bottle. It remains to be seen how my two later batches will turn out, as they aren't ready to open yet.

That reminds me, I need to go and stir my spider (cider/perry) as I haven't yet looked at it today (I have given my red wine a few shakes though).....
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